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DECEMBER 9, 2005


  • Get Real
  • Illinois doesn't directly fund sex ed in schools. But it does provide almost the entire budget of the Glenview-based Project Reality, whose abstinence-only curriculum, offered to schools for free, misleads kids about birth control and STDs.
  • By Kate Hawley
  • Holiday Gift Guide
  • Looking for that special something that won’t be everyone else’s special something? We can help.
  • By Liz Armstrong
  • Letters
  • "I read with interest your recent article on Thomas Yancey. The first time I met him he had a gun pointed at me."
  • Hot Type
  • While most journalists mourn City News (again), some are already maneuvering to replace it.
  • By Michael Miner
  • The Straight Dope
  • Teeny Greco-Roman weenies
  • By Cecil Adams
  • The Works
  • The Pilsen tax-increment financing fund was created to promote industry. How does a 391-condo development qualify?
  • By Ben Joravsky
  • Chicago Antisocial
  • Hillary Clinton goes both ways. On the war, silly.
  • By Liz Armstrong
  • The Odd Couple
  • Bob Hiebert and Sid Block celebrate 25 years of working in eerie harmony at the city's only gallery devoted to works on paper.
  • By Jeff Huebner
  • Council Follies
  • Some animals are just more delicious than others.
  • By Mick Dumke
  • Others in Arms
  • On the scene at a controversial ceremony at Jones College Prep
  • By Vernal Coleman
  • Music
  • Anniversary editions of Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run and the Dead Kennedys' Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables
  • By Monica Kendrick
  • Theater
  • Old Clown Wanted at Trap Door Theatre
  • By Justin Hayford
  • Books
  • Robert Bruegmann's Sprawl: A Compact History
  • By Harold Henderson
  • PLUS
  • Boutique of the Week
  • Eliana Lily
  • By Heather Kenny
  • Ink Well
  • This week's crossword: Mental Blocks
  • By Ben Tausig
  • Complete Section 1
  • (15.0 MB)
  • The Business
  • A Chicago cop's prizewinning essay puts him in a league with Nobel and Pulitzer types. Plus: look who's playing Edna in Hairspray.
  • By Deanna Isaacs
  • Restaurants
  • Counter Culture It's not easy being the only Senegalese restaurant in town.
  • By Martha Bayne
  • Art
  • Hotshot curator Hamza Walker and his new show, "All the Pretty Corpses"
  • By Fred Camper
  • The Meter
  • The Thin Man's third album evokes the best of literate English R & B . . . only there's an accordion.
  • By Bob Mehr
  • Savage Love
  • Sex when you're disabled
  • By Dan Savage
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