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NOVEMBER 18, 2005


  • The Wizards of iZ
  • Meet the boys at Big Monster Toys, birthplace of the Furby for the iPod generation.
  • By Susannah J. Felts
  • Letters
  • "Don't go bashing trendy bands just for the sake of bashing trendy bands. You write for the Reader, not the Wire."
  • Hot Type
  • There were earlier stories about A Taste of Heaven's kiddie policy, but it's the New York Times version that has the nation's undies in a bundle.
  • By Michael Miner
  • The Straight Dope
  • Was there a fascist plot to take over the White House? In 1934, we mean.
  • By Cecil Adams
  • The Works
  • Did the Democrats in Springfield shoot down good guy Marty Cohen--and sell out utility customers--to spite the governor?
  • By Ben Joravsky
  • Chicago Antisocial
  • Housewares magnate Jonathan Adler gives our heroine a taste of her own medicine. Plus: it stops being fashion when we can see your cootch.
  • By Liz Armstrong
  • The Sports Section
  • The Blackhawks are back, but major-league hockey isn't.
  • By Ted Cox
  • Chicago Needs More Cheese
  • And the Grant Park Advisory Council has just the thing.
  • By Lynn Becker
  • Trench Warfare
  • The things they coveted at H&M's Stella McCartney launch
  • By Heather Kenny
  • A Proper Good-bye
  • For the friends of Lee Solomon, aka Little Howlin' Wolf, a church service wasn’t enough.
  • By David Whiteis
  • Art
  • Kim Joon at Walsh Gallery, Matthew Cox at Aron Packer
  • By Tony Adler
  • Theater
  • Sam Shepard's Buried Child at Mary-Arrchie
  • By Justin Hayford
  • Books
  • My War: Killing Time in Iraq by Colby Buzzell, The Last True Story I'll Ever Tell: An Accidental Soldier's Account of the War in Iraq by John Crawford
  • By Chris Barsanti
  • PLUS
  • Boutique of the Week
  • Willow
  • By Liz Armstrong
  • Ink Well
  • This week's crossword: Dinner With the Family
  • By Ben Tausig
  • Complete Section 1
  • (9.4 MB)
  • The Business
  • The Landmark art-house chain dumps the Wal-Mart documentary, Wisdom Bridge goes condo (but not like that), and Woman Made's had it with Acme.
  • By Deanna Isaacs
  • Restaurants
  • Regional Adventures Beyond the Burrito, Part 1: Jalisco
  • By David Hammond
  • Art
  • Sculptors Ian Bally, Frankie Flood, and Hye-Young Suh at I Space
  • By Fred Camper
  • The Meter
  • After the success of Solomon Burke, more soul and R & B vets get a second chance at doing it right.
  • By Bob Mehr
  • Savage Love
  • More advice about guys with pies
  • By Dan Savage
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