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Yuppie Dogs 

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To the editors:

Ben Joravsky's "Turd Wars: How low can Lincoln Parkers go?" (Neighborhood News, July 17) is an interesting slice on the perils of daily life in Lincoln Park.

During the past several years, dog ownership has become de rigueur among the hordes of yuppies who have descended on the quiet, treelined streets of Lincoln Park in search of upscale housing. Given the typical yuppie's lack of consideration for others, it was only a matter of time before dog-owning yuppies ran into conflict with their neighbors with respect to unleashed dogs and dogs leaving traces of excrement along the walkways and in the parks.

Dogs, as pets, make wonderful friends but people who own dogs must, in deference to the rights of others, act responsibly. When walking their dogs, dog owners must keep their dogs on leashes and pick up after them. Various city ordinances dictate that, in most neighborhoods and city parks, dogs must be both leashed and picked up after. One only has to stroll down any walkway in Lincoln Park and travel to any park to realize that these ordinances are routinely ignored by Neanderthal dog owners. These areas have become open range for unleashed dogs as well as open doggie toilets.

City regulations regarding dogs are of low priority among much more pressing issues that police have to deal with and it is most unfortunate that many moronic dog owners have taken full advantage of this fact. The problem of dog excrement and unleashed dogs will persist as long as irresponsible yuppie dog owners remain a force in Lincoln Park. These "upscale" denizens, like five-year-olds fighting for turf in the sandbox, aren't quick to change their ways.




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