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To the editors:

Unfortunately, Bill Ayers [November 9] is an anachronism in today's egocentric, materialistic world of MBA's, lawyers, doctors, and others of that ilk whose most salient feature is, lamentably, greed.

However, if more teachers think as he does, and practice what they preach, then there is cause to hope because, if nothing else, it's idealism that most characterizes the young. That's why I myself became a teacher and have stayed the course for the past 28 years. Although it has not been easy the last 10 or 15 years, I have never regretted it for I believe, along with John Adams in his essay on education, that a teacher "affects eternity."

Perhaps in the coming decade we shall see college students choosing the noble profession of teaching not as a ploy to escape the draft as in the 60s (those types "burned out" after a few years), but as true altruists who view our children as the legacy of their efforts to instill amity, comity, and at least a modicum of felicity on this flawed planet.

St. Francis said, "It is in giving that we receive" and teachers give by imparting not only knowledge, but values as well by their probity and sincerity.

Thomas F. Mitchell

N. Marshfield


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