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You Should Have Warned Me 

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On Saturday, February 24, I went to see Dan Izzo's play, Cubicle Rats, which came so highly recommended by your theater critic Brian Nemtusak [Section Two, February 23]. Mr. Nemtusak commented on both the "virtuoso performers" and Izzo's talent. However, he neglected to mention the nature of the humor that peppered the entire production, and it would have been much better for me had I known what I was about to be subjected to. Then I could have exercised my own judgment regarding whether or not it was palatable for me to sit through long monologues in which characters made references to "butt-fucking daughters," "punch-fucking your wife," and "putting it inside of her until she bleeds." A character bribed another to "fuck a homeless woman" while they were both bathed in "Manwich and blood," and there were several jokes about rapes of men, women, and copy machines. I encourage you to please, in the future, try harder to represent the plays you review more accurately. While Mr. Nemtusak is entitled to his opinion, we, as readers, are entitled to know the basic facts about the production we may decide to see. Had Mr. Nemtusak related those facts while offering his opinion, then I would have known that this was not the play for me.


Nicole Quackenbush

W. Medill


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