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Wyman: A Lower Life Form 

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Dear Reader:

I have occasionally wondered whether Bill Wyman writes some of the things he does just to add spice to the Letters page. The trashing of him in those columns is evolving into an advanced art form, while Wyman himself appears to be devolving into a lower life form. His comments on Jerry Garcia were the latest evidence [Hitsville, August 25]. I will not defend the Dead too strongly, since that once fine band had been defunct in spirit, if not commerce, for several years. Nor will I take the time and energy to highlight every fatuous statement in Wyman's mercifully brief remarks. However, I note in particular that his comments about Jerry's heroin use should more properly have been directed at tobacco and food. Jerry smoked like a furnace and was fat, and those are the things that cause heart attacks and diabetes, not heroin. Wyman did his readers a disservice by using this sad occasion for his cretinous, self-righteous moralizing instead of a knowledgeable assessment of the man and his music.

Kenneth Fall



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