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Re: "Rush Job," February 5

To the editors:

I was astonished, to say the least, that such an article was printed in your "progressive" paper. For a city in such terrible conditions I thought that your writers would be objective in their writings concerning our mayoral candidates. As a concerned native of this city, I felt obligated to inform you that Mr. Bobby Rush has been forming coalitions, not with all the mainstream organizations but with the real people of Chicago: the youth, students, factory workers, unemployed, homeless, gentrified, and oppressed people of this city. He has and is knocking on our doors in the ghetto and lower-class communities. When has the mayor, Daley, ever done that? He only seems to come to our communities when there is a fund-raiser in his honor or that of other elected officials. Don't they have enough of our money?

Living in an oppressed community such as mine, Little Village, I constantly see the Daley daily abuse that the police inflict on working-class residents and students. Why is it that the response of the Daley machine to this problem is reinforcing the Red Squad?

As for President Clinton supporting Daley based on our school system, how is it possible that a city with about half of its students dropping out can be a role model for this nation? This is absurd and further reveals how politicians abuse their power and distort the facts during the elections, when the faith and trust of their supporters is barely hanging on by a string.

Lastly, I want to relay a message to both the voters and nonvoters of this, our great city: Don't forget that we are the builders, workers, students, and owners of this city. It has been and will continue to be our sweat that builds this city and keeps it moving forward. We are the ones who pay taxes for everything we consume, including the basic necessities, such as food and water. Since we pay taxes, we pay the mayor's and all elected officials' salaries! We are the bosses! We have a choice! We can and will create change for all of our city! Use your voice and power this February 23 to make that change!

I end with this famous quote: "Pretty soon they'll be throwing bricks through the windows"--Mayor Richard M. Daley.

Is this the vision we want from our mayor?

Raquel Garcia II

Youth Organizer


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