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What Turns Cecil On 

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To the editors:

The preposterous conclusion to "The Straight Dope" of 12/6, in which CA states that "Shaving, waxing, depilatorizing . . . make you [women] look pretty hot in the eyes of the average male (including your humble columnist). Just like high heels. We wouldn't wear 'em, but we like the way they make women look. Life (tee-hee) ain't fair" is inappropriate and insulting. CA's perspective on men and women is not unlike that of a teenager ravaged by hormones. The Reader should not be a vehicle for "Life According to Cecil Adams."

In the future, please encourage Cecil to stick to the facts. Subjective thought is not his talent.

Lisa Childers


Cecil Adams replies:

"Subjective thought"? And what might that be, my lady? I was merely making the point that (1) women endure the discomfort of shaving, high heels, et cetera, because they feel it will make them more attractive; (2) men don't, but are glad women do; and (3) this writer is not such a hypocrite as to claim that he wishes all women wore pants and sneakers. The final "tee-hee," I'll grant, was "inappropriate and insulting." I retract it. The rest seems to me a reasonably accurate statement of the facts.


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