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What Makes a Monster 

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To the editors:

This is a letter in response to your question and answer article of Jeffrey Dahmer [August 28] and his killing spree. The letter is not to try to explain the Dahmer thing but to try to give you some insight of why people get themselves in trouble or get in trouble because of others. Others such as mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters and church and religion and other negative things that happen in a kid's life that make him the way he is.

I am not a person that's educated in the subject. As a matter of fact, I am a grade school dropout. One you people might call stupid and one who knows nothing about the subject. Yet, I am one person who has been studying the subject for over 40 years and living the subject but never doing anything to correct the problem. That is not my fault though, it is yours and the other media people who do not want to hear or print the truth. I doubt that you will print this letter but regardless, I will try again. And if you do print it, who will read it and evaluate what I write and see where it fits in? Who will believe the truths? No one, because people do not want to hear and believe the truth. Truth hurts too much.

Why are people like they are? You can read your history and understand that answer, that is if you read the history of the Middle Ages. People think they are what they are because that is what they caused themselves to be. Only the strongest of beings who caused themselves to become really in control of their own lives can say that. For the majority of people, they are what their environment caused them to be. In the Middle Ages, the people were caused to be fearful of the establishment and the kings and nobles and the churches and its officials and anyone of authority. People existed as slaves to the land and they believed whatever their owner commanded and that was the way it was. If their lord said black was white, they the people had no other alternative but to believe black was white. Believe it or be put to the stake for not believing. And what people were forced into believing in those days, those people and their descendents believe today. They believe because most people have not the ability within their own minds to rationalize facts. They have not the ability to determine what is truth and that which is not. They don't dare have that ability. People are afraid to think truths and only know to believe what they are told to believe because the authoritarians and the churches have that much control of them and their minds.

Why do we have so many criminals and robbers and rapists and psychotic people in this nation now? The answer is, repression of one mind and the him being forced from having the right to be himself and suppression of one's feelings and here comes the dirty word, sexual expression and the right of people to be sexually themselves. That and the thing churches and moms and pops jam into their kids and the people of the churches' heads, "Be guilty of everything you do and have shame for what you do and think, that especially when it deals with your sexual organs. Be shameful and feel guilty and always keep within your mind that you are a sinner and of whom the great God intends to take his wrath upon. People fucking with your mind making you ashamed of being your true biological self, that causes people to be mentally forced into alternative forces within them that cause them to be what they are. That's thieves, muggers, dopers, drunks, rapists, thugs, and all those negative things that cause them to do harm to others.

How do you find people that have mental problems? Back in the old days, the boys used to swim in the nude at the YMCA. Most boys looked upon nudity among their brothers as a natural thing. For the ones who thought otherwise, their little or big dingy gave them away. When that thing came to life, you knew that the boy belonging to the thing needed some help. Help in understanding himself and why he thinks as he does and clarification of the things he had been taught and work in getting his mind on the straight path. The same with the shy boy who would not take his clothes off, the reason he would not because of the training he got. His mind through help of others needs to be free of the things he was taught and be able to think the way he should and really wants to.

Most people's minds are racked with filth. You can tell that by watching them and listening to them talk in regards to others who they think are sexually of evil intent. People with really dirty minds and thoughts and perform secret bad things behind their closed doors or in the bushes of the park or movie theaters or elsewhere, clear their conscience through guilt transfer. They accuse others of doing the thing they themselves do the best. A thief accuses others of being a thief and tries to make out that he does not. A murderer tries to blame others for what he does. A rapist tries to cause the public to look the other way and at others other than himself. A sexual deviant or sexually sick person directs you to look at others labeling them as being sick because he wants to confuse others' thoughts that they do not notice that he is the sick one.

As long as society continues to pry into other people's sexual lives and restrict them from being themselves, the public and especially the old and the young ladies of this nation and the crippled must beware. The boogies are going to get them and rape them and steal from them and murder them. When society continues to create a new which is really an old separate class of people through restricting their natural biological path, those they restrict and suppress and are forced to carry within their mind feelings of guilt and shame of what they do, they will find alternative ways of doing their things. And you the public who keep coming down on people about their immoral behavior, you're gonna pay.

You take a dog and fence him in, sometime in the near future, that dog is going to try and escape. That's the same with people, you try to fence them in and sometime, they are going to try to escape. You try to fence in their biological desires and they are going to escape and do alternative things that are going to really cause great harm. The bad part is, the harm they do is to the weak and the sick. I am 64 and one of those old. You overt moralists are triggering those people whose mind you fucked up to come after me.

You people created people like Jeffrey Dahmer and the other sickos. You created them by going along with your churches when they accuse others of being dirty things. You created them by suppressing your children's individual sexual thoughts instead of redirecting them in a sensible way. You created them by forcing feelings of guilt and shame within their heads for what they have done or what they think to do and as I keep saying over and over again, your suppressing them of them being their own biological self, filling people's mind with bullshit of what's bad especially when you don't heed your own voice. You teaching, don't do as I do, do what I tell you to do. Your being too moralistic about everything, your not opening up yourself and letting things be if it's truly not hurting anyone.

Young people used to get together and go bare ass swimming together. They got over the strange feeling of everyone being naked, the modesty of it and eventually, it became a natural thing. When you had bare ass swimming holes, some kids at times did what they should not and drowned. What you the public did was to outlaw people being natural because of the danger of it. Well, the young can't go to the woods and be natural and so they now wait upon you as you walk past dark alleys and they show you just how unnatural they can be. Show you how to die a miserable painful death.

Young people used to travel the nation by lifting their thumb. Ugly people of whom others created picked up some and did harm to those young. Because of that, you outlaw thumbing rides. Hitch hiking I think you call it. Well, those young people of ours do not travel about on the road anymore but they have found a alternative life-style. That drinking and smoking drugs and taking various drugs in the arm. You saved the young from the road but are now losing them through overdoses and AIDS. And don't think AIDS is a homosexual disease. It's a disease brought to our land by those boat people from Cuba who contracted it in Africa and it was given to us the same way as was chicken pox given to the Indians by Columbus. It affected homosexuals because they are a third-class society because of you parents. They become victims of AIDS because many used drugs to hide from the fact of what they are and they can not do anything about their situation and those drugs they use to hide with caused their immune system to go out of whack and cause the virus to get them sick.

There are different types of homosexuals. There are the biological ones who were created to be what they are through problems the mother had while she carried the child in her womb and there are those that have taken on the life-style through force of thugs who forced the kid to be their toy. Once they molded the kid to be what they wanted him to be, the kid became too involved with the thing and could not change or did not want to change. Believe me, for some people, once they have the homosexual thing, the heterosexual thing can't even come close to being as good. As for the thugs who make the kid as he is, those thugs can be the kid's father or brothers or uncles or cousins etc. When a kid is young, he can not choose the type of person that supervises and cares for him or the types of neighbors he must associate with. He is vulnerable to everyone, that up to the age of 13. At that age, believe me, the kid's got a mind of his own and can detract people he does not like or attract them. He does have a mind of his own and if he does not use that mind when he is older, he most definitely does when he is in his early teen years. He makes his own problems.

You want to stop psychoticism, you can't stop it but you can control it. You can start liberalizing your own mind and stop causing other people to carry feelings of guilt and shame of what they do. Let people's mind mature naturally. What ever one has within it, if it is allowed to go its own way, it finds its own right path to travel. When people try to detour a person, as I said, the person takes an alternative route, and when that happens, hell only knows what that route will be. We do know one thing, it's a rotten route because that's why we now have so much crime. That is why we cannot walk the streets safely. That's why we don't leave our houses for fear it will be broken into and robbed. That's why we fear we will be robbed and killed in our own homes.

Believe me, you keep having a dirty mind and keep thinking and doing dirty things and then being accusing of others for the things you assume they are dirty of, as that old saying goes, what goes around, comes around. You do your dirty thing and you can bet your ass something dirty will eventually happen to you. You want a better society, become a more liberal and open society. Rule your own life and stop allowing churches and other authoritarians to rule it by packing your mind of the evils of other men. Don't talk of the evils of other men until you manage the evils of your own self. For a good part of you of the public, I look upon you as a mass of dirty-minded rotten mother-fuckers, only you can change that outlook of me of you. That's by you who love to accuse, cleaning up your own acts. Keep your mind out of other people's business unless what they are doing affects you or does harm to another. Let people live their own lives as long as what they do does not trespass upon another's sanity, property, morality etc. When a person is obnoxious toward others and in the sight of others, then he is bad. When he does what he does behind closed door or if you have to sneak about in the bushes and peer upon what they do or seek out things that you think people are doing that's bad, they aren't the bad ones but you are. When you have to go out of your way to see something that you think is sexually bad, you're the sick one. Not those doing the thing you accuse them of doing.

You worry about psycho killers, I say then, stop creating them. A person is what you the public, cause them to be. You drive in the middle of the road and you cause the guy in back of you that wants to pass you to have a mind comparable of being a psycho killer. You stick your nose into your neighbor's life and you cause them to have a mind potential of a psychotic killer. You cheat and steal from your friends, you cause them to have tendencies of becoming a psychological killer. Maybe those people don't become a psycho killer, but not because of you. You tried everything to make them one, but they thankfully had a good enough mind to let your behavior pass.

Ron Rassmusen

N. Kenmore


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