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For over thirty years, Metro has been an advertiser in the Chicago Reader. We know that the Chicago Reader audience is engaged and interested in exploring arts and culture around the city, making them a great match for Metro.—Joe Shanahan of METRO
Although Jam Productions is based in Chicago, we promote concerts and music festivals all over the United States, and the first step in our marketing analysis is to put ourselves in the shoes of that band’s fan base. When sorting through the local media mix, one question that I often ask is this: Does this market have anything like the Reader? For us, this publication is the standard-bearer for newsweeklies, and it’s our good fortune to have such an uncommonly valuable media partner in Chicago. —John Soss of JAM PRODUCTIONS
The Reader has been a loyal supporter of our ‘Theatre Thursdays’ program for almost 10 years and has worked to find partners in order to strengthen the relationship. We appreciate their valuable commitment to the Chicago theatre community. —Laura Nair of LEAGUE OF CHICAGO THEATRES
The Reader provides a fun loving group of people that bring energy and substance to our Shiner Beers promotions. Good listeners from the beginning of the process, the team puts forth good ideas and responds quickly to our needs. I would highly recommend the Reader as a partner that will elevate your promotion in this complex Chicago market. —Jeff Marshall of SHINER BEERS
As the Windy City’s largest producer of art and street fairs, the Chicago Reader is on the Must List for a smart, engaged and savvy audience looking to enjoy the best of the city’s sizzling summer street scene! —Karyn Serota of SPECIAL EVENTS MANAGEMENT
I have found the Reader to be a valuable partner in creating dynamic programs that fit the needs of my brands. I don’t want to place an ad and walk away, I want to create an experience for our shared consumers and the Reader has helped us do that. —Chrissy Wallace of BROWN-FORMAN
It has been a pleasure working with the Reader over these past 16 years. They share our commitment to giving the finest service to all sized customers, including our smaller clients. A.R.T. LEAGUE and its clients continue to do a lot of ad buying in Reader for one reason above all. The Reader Works! —Douglas Bragan of A.R.T. LEAGUE, INC.
It has been a pleasure working with the team at the Chicago Reader. Not only are they thoughtful in pitching programs that make sense for our brewery partners, but they are also creative in developing unique custom programs that help tell our breweries’ stories to their readers. —Wei Fraser of RIVER NORTH BEER
The Reader is the bible for Chicago music lovers. Folks who love the arts, music, theater, opera, restaurants … religiously look to the Reader as their go to guide for what to do in the city! —Robby Glick of REGGIES ROCK CLUB
Chicago Reader has been a valued advertising partner for years, bringing culturally engaged readers to our theater and keeping us in mind for last-minute opportunties. A true friend in a massive media world...Reader is definitely a resource to keep in your media mix. —Erika Nelson of STEPPENWOLF THEATRE COMPANY
The Chicago Reader is an indispensable marketing partner. Not only do their properties reach the culture-seeking Chicagoans that we want to speak to — they provide access to partnerships, promotions and events that we would never be able to execute on our own. As their marketing services grow, our relationship with them will continue to grow as well. —Jennifer Martindale of MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORART ART

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