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WFMT Not Dead Yet 

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To the editors:

The "Sturm und Drang" sustained by radio station WFMT over the past two years has infused storm and stress into the lives of thousands of its listeners. On November 1 in his "Hot Type" column, Michael Miner quotes the chairman of the Friends of WFMT and characterizes that radio station as " . . . the radio station they love to mourn."

I'll let Dr. Boone Brackett defend himself against Miner's implication, perhaps unintentional, that the Friends of WFMT is a knee-jerk, reactionary organization, quick to complain, and to prejudge " . . . every fresh turn at the radio station." I am compelled, however, to point out that WFMT is not dead, and that the Friends of WFMT are not resigned to the ultimate banishment of WFMT from the cultural world.

In fact, the Friends have challenged WFMT management to work with them. They want to help raise funds necessary to allow the station to eliminate prerecorded advertising jingles. They want to restore WFMT to the format for which it has justly become nationally renowned, a format based on aesthetic sensitivity and balance and a refusal to pander to the lowest common denominator. The Friends of WFMT are dedicated to restoring that format, the recent absence of which threatens to plunge the station into the commercial cellar alongside the rest of broadcast mediocrity.

Robert A. Falesch



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