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Welcome Aprill 

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To the editors:

A part of Lewis Lazare's January 22 comments on Arnold Aprill's move is a disservice [The Culture Club]. Writing about Aprill's involvement with the city school system's arts programs, Lazare says, " . . . a more cynical reporter . . . can't help but wonder if the payoff will compensate for the loss . . . [to] the city's theater industry."

Has Lazare ever stood in front of a room of kindergartners and seen faces light with joy at being able to look at a painting and name its style and then interpret it in crayon? Has he watched a group of too cool high school students drop their attitudes and produce a fine four-part Renaissance song? Where does Lazare think the future artists and patrons will come from?

Let cynics carp, but Arnold Aprill, Marshall Field's and the other foundations will find a warm welcome from the city's schools and their 400,000 potential artists and customers.

Sign me as a parent volunteer in the public-school performing and fine arts programs.

William Wade

W. School


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