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Walking With Dinosaurs 3D

BBC Earth Films produced this computer-animated feature, an expansion of its 1999 TV series. More educational than your average big-screen family entertainment, it provides a lesson in prehistoric geography and the behavior of dinosaurs from the Cretaceous period. Unfortunately the filmmakers must have been worried that the science lesson, though perfectly engaging on a visual level, would bore small children, so the movie is stuffed with glib, unfunny wisecracks along the lines of Shrek. Barry Cook and Neil Nightingale directed.



  • Barry Cook
  • Neil Nightingale


  • John Leguizamo
  • Justin Long
  • Karl Urban
  • Skyler Stone
  • Tiya Sircar


  • Mike Devlin
  • Amanda Hill
  • Deepak Nayar
  • Stuart Ford
  • Marcus Arthur
  • Tim Hill
  • David Nicksay
  • Miles Ketley
  • Zareh Nalbandian

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