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Wake Up, Singh 

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To the editor:

Alpana Singh's book provides advice on "color coordinating wine with dessert," a "wine horoscope," and a chapter called "What Wines Go With Bingeing" ["Alpana's Revenge," October 13]. And she expects her book to be read by women like the "female CEO running Pepsi," who supposedly need help figuring out wine lists at business dinners? That's not just preposterous but insulting. The book evidently targets a different audience: giddy twentysomethings who like to go "drunk shoe shopping" (one of Ms. Singh's pastimes, according to the article). Ms. Singh falsely suggests that other wine books are uniformly "snobby or condescending." In fact, quite a few are unpretentious and easy to read--yet also manage to respect their readers' intelligence. Avoiding solemnity is a good thing, but Ms. Singh has mistaken silliness for wit.

Marlene Jacobs

N. Sheridan


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