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Uncle Kent

I never thought I'd be watching a movie about a three-way and muttering, "God, when is this gonna be over?" But Uncle Kent, the latest low-budget talkfest from local indie hero Joe Swanberg, is so tedious that even its climactic scene of erotic experimentation fails to lift it out of the doldrums. The story involves a chunky, 40-year-old animation artist in Los Angeles (Kent Osborne) who invites the sexy young nerd he's met online (Jennifer Prediger) to stay with him; upon arriving, she reveals that she's got a boyfriend, yet host and housemate eventually go on Craigslist to make a date with a bi-curious woman (Josephine Decker). Swanberg has carved out a little mumblecore niche for himself by adding young skin and purporting to chronicle modern sexual mores, ground that was covered 40 years ago by movies like Carnal Knowledge (1971) and Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969). Like Swanberg, the people who made those movies captured a scene, but they also knew how to light one.



  • Joe Swanberg


  • Kent Osborne
  • Josephine Decker
  • Jennifer Prediger

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