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Best unassuming treasure trove 

The Antique and Resale Shoppe

If you travel on Harlem Avenue so far north that you’re practically in Niles, you’re likely to notice Nick’s Drive-In, with its mural of a stern-looking Uncle Sam instructing you to try the “best homemade gyros in America.” However, you might not spot the place right next door, the Antique and Resale Shoppe, a totally unassuming storefront, until you get close enough that the elaborate seasonal window display comes into view. And wait till you get inside—it would take days to see everything there is to see in the compact but well-stocked and well-curated shop, from antique jewelry to tchotchkes to clothes. I found a jungle-print Bob Mackie maxiskirt for the bargain price of $18. Eat your heart out, Cher!

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September 23
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September 20

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