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HOW THE MOON AFFECTS YOU, by Arnold L. Lieber, M.D. (Hastings House, $14.95).

Synopsis: People are like oceans, only much smaller, in that the moon creates "tides" within them, altering their behavior, inevitably for the worse. Lieber shows this by studying crime in Dade County, Florida, and Cuyahoga County, Ohio, and by presenting many interesting anecdotes.

Representative Quote: "In my psychiatric practice I often will ask myself what phase the Moon is in. In my work with geriatric patients especially, I have noted times when these people do not do well. I have been able to correlate these times with one or another atmospheric disturbances, be it sunspots, coincidence of cosmic cycles, or a new and full moon."

Noteworthy Flaw: The moon is in some stage of its full or new phases 50 percent of the time.


Synopsis: There's no reason why people shouldn't spice up their sex lives by performing in public or in groups or by trying one of the hundreds of unusual ideas offered by this book.

Representative Quote: "177--Buy a box of windup toys and set them loose on one another's naked bodies. Send a bunch of walking shoes walking toward her breast. See what effect chattering teeth have on an erect nipple."

Noteworthy Flaw: "A sense of time is one of the elements of great sex. Have you considered bringing an egg timer into the bedroom?"

NEWS OF THE UNIVERSE: POEMS OF TWOFOLD CONSCIOUSNESS, chosen and introduced by Robert Bly (Sierra Club Books, $12).

Synopsis: Well-known author of Iron John presents poetry celebrating nature over the past three centuries.

Representative Quote: "The lamb was bleating softly.

The young jackass grew happier with his excited bray.

The dog barked, almost talking to the stars.

I woke up! I went out."

Noteworthy Flaw: Though the book offers one poem by Thoreau and one by Walt Whitman, 51 poems are either written by, translated by, or adapted by Robert Bly.


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