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They Bombed at O'Hare 

The Punch Lines That Landed 17 Comedians in Jail

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July 18 "I have nothing other than the bomb I am going to put on the plane."

July 18 "I have a bomb that's going to go off in 30 seconds."

July 18 "You mean the bomb I have in my bag?"

July 19 "I don't have an ID, but I have a bomb."

July 21 "There's a bomb in the bag in my hand."

July 23 "I don't have a bomb in the bag."

July 23 "I got a bomb in my bag to kill everyone here."

July 24 "Well no, I left my pipe bomb at home."

July 25 "The one that looks like [there's] a bomb in it."

July 26 "I have a bomb in my bag. Boom."

July 27 "Where should I put the bomb?"

July 27 "No, nothing but a bomb."

July 31 "Are you checking for bombs? I've got a bomb in my bag."

July 31 "I have some explosives to transport."

AUGUST 1 "It's not as if we were Swedish and here to blow up the airport."

AUGUST 2 Offender: "It's a bomb in the bag." Witness: "That's not funny." Offender: "I'm not playing."

AUGUST 3 "I have a bomb."

--Mike Sula


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