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The Warrior's Way

Americans and Asians face off in the Old West in this visually alluring, tongue-in-cheek action fantasy. South Korean superstar Jang Dong-gun plays a swordsman forced to leave the Far East when he refuses to kill the baby girl who poses a future threat to his warrior clan; with the infant in hand, he flees to a fading American gold-rush town to rendezvous with a trusted friend, only to find the man dead and the community terrorized by a maniacal ex-Army officer (Danny Huston) and his gang of Hell Riders. The stunts bristle with invention and the sword fights are elegant in both line and movement. Top-billed Geoffrey Rush has a grand time as a drunken sharpshooter, and Kate Bosworth adds swagger as Huston's knife-throwing nemesis. Sngmoo Lee directed.



  • Sngmoo Lee


  • Jang Gun
  • Geoffrey Rush
  • Kate Bosworth
  • Danny Huston
  • Tony Cox
  • Ti Lung


  • Barrie Osborne
  • Jooick Lee
  • Michael Peyser
  • Tim White
  • Eui Hong
  • Seung Tcha
  • Nansun Shi
  • Satoru Iseki
  • Matthew Jenner
  • David Milner
  • Kathy Morgan

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