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The Truth About Loyola 

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[Re: "F for Furious," January 7]

I want to applaud the Chicago Reader and especially the superb reporting by M.C. Thomas about the crisis now looming at Loyola University Chicago. I am writing you as a faculty member of 22 years, a productive scholar, and popular teacher who doubts that Loyola will ever regain its intellectual strength, even if financial health were to miraculously reappear, as long as the Piderit administration remains. It has been impossible to get a semblance of the truth to the general public, let alone dispel the constant blame placed on faculty's shoulders for the current fiscal debacle at Loyola, since previous stories in Chicago newspapers and magazines have had the imprint of our PR agents. The facts do speak for themselves, and many faculty appreciate the balanced and dispassionate reporting of our declining enrollments and falling endowment, not just in comparison with DePaul University but with literally every college and university in the country. The nation enjoys a bull market, except Loyola, and there is no end in sight. The board of trustees sadly reaffirmed their support for this president a month ago, despite pleas from many faculty and student organizations, but I still have hope that more honest reporting from the news media ultimately will force the trustees to do what they must do to renew the morale of this faculty, affirm our commitment to excellence, and heal our wounds. I ask you to periodically revisit this story, and keep the spotlight on this failed administration. The faculty, the students, indeed Chicago, deserves better.


Raymond Tatalovich, PhD

Professor of Political Science

Loyola University


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