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The Seuss Is Loosed 

RIP Theodor Seuss Geisel, 1904-1991

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Run along Dick and Jane! Run along, do not stall.

Take your dog. Take your Spot. Take your musty old ball!

'Cause the Seuss is arriving! He's coming to call!

He'll land in that Trumpet Tree there.

Do you see him?

Just look at those whiskers!

They're a zoo! A museum!

To the left of that mustache, the one smeared with jam,

Sits a fellow who's serving up green eggs and ham!

There's a Grinch by that sideburn, and a big-hearted moose.

And a whole Bard Bird Flock for the use of the Seuss

When he wants to send letters (and save on the stamps)

To his friends in the various Seuss Whisker Camps.

And don't be surprised when Seuss grinkles a grin

If you see sixty Single-Jings perched on his chin

In a cabin they share for two months of the year

With the Thinker-Spins normally found in his ear.

See that red-tufted hen?

On that gray-tufted nest?

Hatching Tickle-Tyke eggs is the thing she does best.

When the Tickle-Tyke pops from his shell he will say:

"We are Seuss born and raised! We are Seussers! Hooray!

So the Seuss population will add to its numbers

Through the winters and springs, through the Indian summers.

But like every one of us, planters to plumbers.

A Seuss must take rests, a Seuss must have slumbers.

He'll leave on that train. He will roll down that track

And over thaqt hill. Don't be sad! He'll be back!

He'll be back and in fact

He is already back!

Take a look at that counter!

Take a look at that rack!

The Seuss is now here.

He has got many selves.

And the selves are arranged ABC on the shelves.

Some Seusses are shorts. And some Seusses are longs.

Some Seusses tell stories. Some Seusses sing songs.

The Seusses are staying around, do not fear.

You will probably get one for Christmas this year!

And now that you know what a whisker can do . . .

Don't you think you'd look good with a whisker or two?


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