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The One-Man "Star Wars" Trilogy 

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The One-Man "Star Wars" Trilogy, Noble Fool Theater Company. Growing up, Charles Ross saw the Star Wars movies more than 500 times--which means that, like a lot of Star Wars fanatics, he memorized the dialogue. To some this might be useless information, but Ross saw it as the fodder for a one-man show. In one breezy, affectionate hour, he re-creates the high (and low) points of the original trilogy, including sound, special effects, music, and dialogue. Using only his rangy body, he represents everything from the sweeping can lights of 20th Century Fox's logo to the final notes of John Williams's score.

Throwing himself around the stage so enthusiastically that he occasionally bumps into the real overhead spotlights, Ross turns himself into probe droids, X-wing fighters, ewoks, Yoda, Darth Vader, and the entire band at the Mos Eisley cantina. Enacting a petulant Luke, a simpering Leia, and a smirking, crotch-grabbing Han, he manages to get at the characters' emotional cores as well as elicit laughs from the bathetic dialogue. Even folks who saw the films only when they were originally released should enjoy Ross's charming take--but the more you know, the funnier his version is. When he plays Luke staring heroically into Tatooine's twin moons, for example, he adds a special effect: ruffling his own hair so we can sense the breeze.


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