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The Nature of Existence

As the title suggests, filmmaker Roger Nygard (Trekkies) takes on the Big Questions in his new documentary--existence, religion, spirituality, morality, truth, and more. The problem is that the breadth doesn’t allow for depth: shoehorning a host of topics, dozens of interviews, and visits to China, India, and the UK into a tidy 94 minutes, Nygard can only provide McNugget-size quotes from his eclectic group of subjects. Biologist and atheist Richard Dawkins says there is no God; strident campus evangelist Brother Jed Smock says homosexuals are going to hell. Instead of allowing significant screen time to any of his interviewees--many of whom could have sustained a film on their own--Nygard continually jumps from one to the next. It’s philosophy for the ADD set.



  • Roger Nygard


  • Roger Nygard
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