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The Golden Election by Marilyn Quayle and Her Sister and Theater Oobleck 

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THE GOLDEN ELECTION BY MARILYN QUAYLE AND HER SISTER AND THEATER OOBLECK, Theater Oobleck, at Lunar Cabaret. In The Golden Election we're confronted with time travel, alchemist cults, a subterranean shaman with the power to control history, an omnipotent villain in Green Hornet drag, an enigmatic tin-drummer boy, a puppet-show Oedipus Rex "in the style of Mary Zimmerman," and a drug bust that scatters white powder over the stage--all before intermission.

The political-themed thrillers written by Marilyn Tucker Quayle--yes, Dan's wife--and her sister, Nancy Tucker Northcott, are noteworthy chiefly for their right-wing ethos and their total absence of profane language. But Theater Oobleck appears to have drawn its inspiration more from the Indiana Jones canon, catapulting a feisty Mrs. Quayle through a series of Alice-in-Washington discoveries in her quest to get her ineffectual husband elected president in 2000.

Beneath the welter of outrageous revelations runs a decidedly anticapitalist conspiracy theory that comes to seem almost logical, especially when presented by an exuberant ten-member ensemble--though their cartoonish characters were still undergoing much-needed revision at the play's opening. All this will be obsolete by November 8 of course. Meanwhile The Golden Election provides timely, if juvenile, slam-bang satire.

--Mary Shen Barnidge


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