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The Flat

Documentary maker Arnon Goldfinger (The Komediant) was cleaning out the Tel Aviv apartment of his German Jewish grandmother after her death when he discovered that she'd carried on a close friendship with a high-ranking Nazi official and his wife. The relationship began in the early 1930s, during a short-lived period of cooperation between Nazis and Zionists, and continued even after the Holocaust, with the friends taking secret European vacations together. Goldfinger records his investigation of this improbable situation, and Tali Helter-Shenkar's editing helps a good deal toward making his fascination palpable. He doesn't arrive at any great insights, which seems to be the point; some actions, he implies, resist historical explanation. In English and subtitled German and Hebrew.



  • Arnon Goldfinger


  • Axel Milberg


  • Arnon Goldfinger
  • Thomas Kufus

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