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March 01, 2017 Slideshows » News & Politics

The Contract Buyers League strikes back 

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Founded in 1968, the Contract Buyers League launched a series of dramatic payment strikes that aimed to reduce the amount of money owed by all member families. They were subsequently targeted with evictions in the winter and spring of 1970.
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Four CBL families are evicted from their homes on the 9500 block of South Emerald Avenue in March 1970.
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A line of deputy sheriffs patrols the 9200 block of South Eggleston Avenue after 12 more CBL families are evicted.
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Sheriffs deputies surround furniture in the front yard of a CBL home on South Prairie Avenue.
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A youth protesting the eviction of CBL families from the 9200 block of South Eggleston Avenue flips a policeman over his back.
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A sheriff’s deputy guards a home on South Emerald Avenue where police had smashed windows during an eviction and used a chemical spray on eight people who’d barricaded themselves inside the home.
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A sheriff's deputy scans for snipers as CBL member James Silas is evicted from his home on the 9300 block of South Eggleston.
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An effigy placed on the lawn of a CBL home facing eviction reads “Joe Woods’ Pigs”—a reference to then-Cook County sheriff Joseph Woods. A “trap” behind the effigy reportedly contained pitchforks buried with their tines up.
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CBL supporters carry furniture back into a home, helping thwart an eviction.
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Sheets and plastic covers protect the furniture of a CBL family evicted from South Union Avenue.
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