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Venerable Irish pub and music venue.

Our Review

Last year the producers of the Spike TV reality show Bar Rescue transformed this longtime Irish pub and music venue into a dime-store Hard Rock Cafe, hanging incongruous gimcracks on the walls (Van Halen-autographed Stratocaster?), and shit-canning a server for eating a potato chip. Now the pub—renamed the Green Room—is serving a bunch of gimmicky nonsense that the kitchen and bar don't seem to have the heart to execute: a soggy hot-pretzel Jenga tower, potato chip nachos, cold Reuben egg rolls, and no less than three Red Bull cocktails. I'm just glad the owners had the stones to keep their trashy-good ground-meat shepherd's pie, even after the bozo consulting chef responsible for the aforementioned garbage declared it shite. There's also a respectable whiskey list, and the curry fries and weekend Irish breakfast remain.

Mike Sula

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After appearing on an embarrassing episode of the obnoxious reality TV program Bar Rescue, this once-proud if shabby venue underwent a generic Hard Rock Cafe-style remodeling. But at least there's a respectable whiskey list, and the Irish breakfast, curry fries, and trashy-good shepherd's pie (declared shite by some bozo consulting chef) remain. —Mike Sula


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