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To the editors:

Just finished Joravsky's article on Bill Ayers [November 9] who I remember well from the 60's when my oldest daughter was active in S.D.S. at the U. of Wisc. at Madison. As a parent, I was very sympathetic with their cause. I too had been a "radical" at the U. of Mich. during the McCarthy era. There were members of the Communist Party in the co-op where I lived and worked. I belonged to a Marxist Study group. One of my friends' husbands was jailed for not signing a loyalty oath.

So I was very interested to learn that Ayers is now teaching teachers. I am a teacher, and my daughter-in-law (after graduating from the Goodman Theatre School and the U. of Texas) is now seeking a second degree, so she can teach in the Chicago public schools. She will be able to teach in her own neighborhood in her first job, because she, her husband, & daughter live in the African American community. I hope she gets Ayers before graduation.

Barbara Matthews



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