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Take This Waltz

Sarah Polley, whose stunning drama Away From Her (2006) chronicled the separation of a husband and wife in their 60s, turns her attention to a married couple in their 20s (Seth Rogen and Michelle Williams) and the woman's wrenching love affair with their neighbor across the street (Luke Kirby). Pairing Rogen, a professional wiseass, with Williams, a soulful and largely nonverbal performer, was a risky move, and their on-screen chemistry often seems forced (their most touching encounters all take place through a closed window). Yet the movie is held aloft by Williams, whose performance as the yearning, fearful, guilty wife is nothing short of extraordinary. The cast also includes Sarah Silverman, impressive in her straight role as the husband's sharp-tongued, alcoholic sister.



  • Sarah Polley


  • Michelle Williams
  • Seth Rogen
  • Luke Kirby
  • Sarah Silverman


  • Susan Cavan
  • Sarah Polley

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