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Sudden Fear

Gargoyle thriller from 1952, with Joan Crawford (in her high garish period) as an heiress who discovers her husband (Jack Palance, the perfect iconic match) is planning to kill her. The film was a product of RKO desperation and didn't do especially well on first release; its anomalous success as a revival (in 1987, in 35-millimeter restoration) seemed largely a matter of fidelity to archetype (as a clear-lined suspenser) and kitschy iconographic tastes, though probably Charles Lang's glossily noirish cinematography had something to do with it, too. With Gloria Grahame, Bruce Bennett, and Mike Connors; David Miller directed.



  • David Miller


  • Joan Crawford
  • Jack Palance
  • Gloria Grahame
  • Bruce Bennett
  • Virginia Huston
  • Touch Connors


  • Lenore Coffee
  • Robert E. Smith


  • Joseph Kaufman

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