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Re: “A peek into the Area 51 of pot

Wow, someone should get a life out there. Creating various fake usernames in order to post empty praise for the grower, or hysterical attacks against the reporter.

Get a load of the usernames he/they used: "herlastcannabisinterview"..."she is a hack", etc.

Reply to 'she is a hack': I don't have to know about IL law to know that distillation achieves higher purity than filtration, no matter how fancy; anyone with a basic knowledge of lab procedures knows that. But it costs more to purchase or to make distilled water than to simply filter tap water, which is what you do. On the other hand, chemically pure water is NOT necessary to grow marijuana or any other plant.

And, for your information, I don't consume "cool aid" or Fiji. And I don't smoke weed and I don't grow it in a closet. But that's beside the point.

Quote: "..very few put as much effort into helping patients and researching the science of 'weed' like the premier growers in IL do." Give me a break. You're not Mother Theresa, you're not running a charity. You and the other growers invested in those facilities and made your political connections in order to PROFIT from the business. And there's nothing wrong with starting a business and looking for profits. Just don't B.S. us with the "helping patients" and "researching" stuff. You're not Abbott Laboratories, nor the FDA.

All the secrecy over growing pot is just silly. It's not the Manhattan Project, after all.

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Posted by Steve33 on 10/23/2016 at 11:24 AM

Re: “A peek into the Area 51 of pot

Some corrections are in order.

(1) When describing their water filtration process, McGraw says "That's as pure as you can get". That's hype, and incorrect. Distilled water has a higher degree of purity than filtered water.

(2) The article contains an error in labeling lab glassware, both in the text and the captions. The container of THC extract held by McGraw is a flask, not a "beaker". Quote: "McGraw holds the neck of the beaker between his thumb and index finger." The bulb-shaped container that narrows to a straight neck is a Florence flask. Beakers are the cup-shaped containers with straight sides (they don't have necks).

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Posted by Steve33 on 10/22/2016 at 4:08 PM

Re: “A peek into the Area 51 of pot

It's obvious that many of the above comments were biased, posted by persons connected to the subjects of the article. Two supposedly different screennames use the same phrase, complaining about the author's "snarky tone".

Being snarky was the right approach. Most of the secrecy and regulation is crazy and unnecessary. Revolution and the other cultivators need to get over themselves. They're not medical researchers working on cures for terminal disease in bioengineering labs. It's just "weed", "pot", "herb". Marijuana is a plant, been around for millions of years. Everyone knows about the benefits, effects and side effects. The process of isolating the active ingredients is useful; beyond that, space age laboratories are not needed.

And the absurd over-regulation by the State of Illinois? That's to be expected, and par for the course, unfortunately. A state regulator silently following the reporters around, forbidding certain questions or answers - that is also what happens when journalists tour North Korea, mainland China or Iran. Apparently Illinois bureaucrats are so ignorant of history and world affairs that they don't realize that they are behaving just like Communist regimes and repressive police states. State bureaucrats' reasons for excess regulation is probably more basic: to simply pad the payrolls with as many government salaries as possible.

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Posted by Steve33 on 10/22/2016 at 3:43 PM

Re: “The Social Network

J.R. Jones - why didn't you include a "spoiler alert" before revealing the final scene?

Posted by Steve33 on 03/03/2011 at 1:19 PM

Re: “Mugabe and the White African

Cliff Doerksens' statement that "The notion that only whites can be racist barely survives this riveting 2009 documentary..." in the above film review is offensive and absurd. No intelligent student of race matters has ever posed that argument. This "notion" has been tossed around lately by the some members of the Conservative/ Tea Party crowd. They cry over the idea that everyone believes that "only whites can be racist", then they try to desperately prove that blacks can be just as racist as whites. It's absurd.

Sure, it's possible that people of color can be "just as racist" as whites. Theoretically. But the historical evidence all points to the Caucasian. It was the white man who left Europe, sailed around the world, and colonized, enslaved, or murdered people in other lands, using racial differences as a justification. Not the other way around. Whites used 280 years of black African slave labor to build the economic foundation of this country (and caused the death of 60 million Africans in the process). They didn't use white slaves. And after slavery ended, over 5000 blacks were lynched by white mobs over a 100 year period. Not the other way around.

It was whites who invaded Africa and forced colonization and Apartheid on the people already there, in South African and Rhodesia (now called Zimbabwe). Whatever is happening in Zimbabwe today is simply the aftermath of a period of opressive, white minority rule. The plight of one white farmer in Zimbabwe does NOT offset the hundreds of thousands of blacks who were forced off their land in the original white invasion.
And by the way, in this country, O.J. Simpson does NOT balance out the thousands of white lynch mob members who killed blacks and then walked away without so much as an arrest, let alone a trial.

If blacks are to be just as racist as whites have been, they have hundreds of years and millions of dead to catch up on.

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Posted by Steve33 on 09/09/2010 at 2:53 AM

Ignore Kehr's review of Alien, which was apparently written just to be contrarian. Alien is a great film and a landmark in science fiction/horror. It influenced the way Sci-fi films were made for years afterwards. It was both a critical and popular success, and led to the making of three sequels (only the first sequel, "Aliens", was worthwhile, in my opinion.)

I wonder if this is an old, recycled Kehr review of the film, from several years ago. That would explain his off-the-mark comments, since in the past he often trashed good films that happened to be widely acclaimed, just to be different from other film critics.

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Posted by Steve33 on 09/13/2009 at 7:14 PM

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