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Step-by-step instructions for making an Office bartender's dragon fruit cocktail 

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Jason Cevallos demonstrates the Sandy, a complex tequila-based concoction.
OF 15
Andrea Bauer
The ingredients: dragon fruit ($5 apiece at Mariano's, where Cevallos got his), Fortaleza Blanco tequila, Pineau des Charentes, dragon fruit syrup, champagne, quassia tincture, and rose water
Start with two ounces of Fortaleza Blanco tequila, produced at a family estate in Tequila, Jalisco.
Andrea Bauer
Add a quarter ounce of Pineau des Charentes, a fortified-wine aperitif from southwestern France.
Andrea Bauer
Add eight drops of quassia tincture, used at the Office as a "bittering agent."
Andrea Bauer
Then add three quarters of an ounce of dragon fruit syrup.
Andrea Bauer
Add ice.
Andrea Bauer
Stir well (Cevallos put in a good 30 seconds).
Andrea Bauer
Strain into a glass over rocks.
Andrea Bauer
Top off with an ounce of champagne, then stir a few times more.
Andrea Bauer
Peel the dragon fruit to serve as a garnish.
Andrea Bauer
Submerge the peel in the cocktail.
Andrea Bauer
Add two drops of rose water.
Andrea Bauer
The Sandy, named for a friend of Cevallos's pooch.
Andrea Bauer
Jason Cevallos in his domain
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