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Step-by-step instructions for making a Barrelhouse Flat bartender's sriracha cocktail 

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Mark Brinker demonstrates the spicy, rum-based Breakfast of Champions.
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Andrea Bauer
Mark Brinker with his ingredients: coconut cream, Cynar, lime juice, honey and ginger syrups, El Dorado 5 Year, sriracha, whole egg, and cinnamon
Andrea Bauer
Start with half an ounce of fresh lime juice.
Andrea Bauer
Add a quarter ounce of sriracha.
Andrea Bauer
Then add half an ounce of honey syrup, made with a 3:1 ratio of honey to water.
Andrea Bauer
And a quarter ounce of ginger syrup, made with "equal parts ginger juice and sugar," Brinker specifies.
Andrea Bauer
A quarter ounce of the Italian artichoke liqueur Cynar "gives it some earthiness."
Andrea Bauer
Then add an ounce of unsweetened coconut cream.
Andrea Bauer
And two ounces of the El Dorado 5 Year, a demerara rum.
Andrea Bauer
Whole egg adds to the richness.
Andrea Bauer
Dry shake ingredients together, then add ice and shake again vigorously.
Andrea Bauer
Strain into a snifter.
Andrea Bauer
Garnish with freshly grated cinnamon.
Andrea Bauer
The Breakfast of Champions
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