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Spiaggia's Brendan Smith whips up some "dessert mustard" 

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Challenged with yellow mustard, Spiaggia's Brendan Smith came up with the Senape Dolce, "dessert mustard."
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Andrea Bauer
French's yellow mustard, introduced at the 1904 World's Fair
Andrea Bauer
Inspired by the Brandy Alexander, a dessert cocktail that often incorporates ice cream, Smith started by making honey-mustard gelato.
Andrea Bauer
The other ingredients: crushed honey-mustard pretzels (for garnish), the Sicilian liqueur Averna Amaro, A.E. Dor Napoleon cognac, and Miele Thun acacia honey
Andrea Bauer
Prep a martini glass by dipping it into the honey (Smith also used "a little bit" of the Miele Thun acacia to sweeten his gelato).
Andrea Bauer
Then dip it into crushed honey-mustard pretzels.
Andrea Bauer
It sparkles!
Andrea Bauer
Put a scoop of the honey-mustard gelato into a blender.
Andrea Bauer
Add an ounce of the cognac.
Andrea Bauer
Then a half ounce of the amaro.
Andrea Bauer
Blend until well combined and frothy.
Andrea Bauer
Pour into the prepared glass.
Andrea Bauer
The Senape Dolce, deemed "surprisingly delicious" by photographer Andrea Bauer.
Andrea Bauer
You'd never guess that Smith hates yellow mustard.
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