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Space Case 

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To the editor:

How sad it is to read David Futrelle pan space exploration as a senseless waste of time and money ("The Space Waste," June 2) simply because the human race is unable to utilize its celestial neighbors for any of its own immediate needs. Not once does he suggest the possibility that in continued unmanned space exploration, humankind just might learn something new about themselves--about where we came from, how and when, or where we might be going. How can any living soul with even the faintest sign of a spiritual pulse not be interested in the answers to these questions?

But maybe the real reason Mr. Futrelle finds space exploration so distasteful and such a fatuous pursuit is that, lacking any desire for continued spiritual education, he fears that science might one day illuminate new truths, facts that might even refute some of the traditional Biblical views of the universe and life itself, held by a complacent collective of increasingly anthropomorphic spiritual philistines. I cannot help but feel that this ignorance--the fear and the spiritual malnutrition--is the underlying evil behind the kinds of social pathology that, in this of all countries, keeps its citizens from integrating with one another and, in some cases, from even leaving the house.

Alex Christoff



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