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Snot-Nose College Creep 

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I need to respond to the letter in the November 14 issue from one Edward Kim, a student at Northwestern who was complaining about how boring Evanston is in his reaction to the Reader article [Neighborhood News, October 31] about the fight over inappropriate commercial development here.

Listen you snot-nose college creep. You spend four of your worst years here in our town while mom and dad send you to one of the better universities in this country. Four years in which your time spent here is only a portion of the calendar. When you're done you go off with your MBA and make your questionable living somewhere else.

And we're supposed to take your desires into consideration when deciding on what's right for those of us who own homes here and will be living with the consequences for, presumably, the rest of our lives?

I have news for you, frat boy. It's because of your school that we're in this mess. You're taking up a lot of room and not paying any taxes on any of it, forcing us to find other revenues to keep things running. Unfortunately for us, we have a city council that is so uncreative in its vision that in order to scare up such monies they are threatening us with being turned into Schaumburg East.

And as for your criticism of Liz Reeves and Kathy Burgess, you couldn't carry their...what's a female equivalent of a jockstrap? I happen to know both of them and they are two good, committed, and hardworking people trying to do what is best for this town. Are they excluding you and your ilk from their represented demographic? You bet your ass they are. Who the hell are you? You're our guest, that's who.

You want to entertain yourself? There's a big city called Chicago just south of us. They have plenty of worthless things there to occupy a soft brain like yours.

Alan Brunettin



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