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Self-Made Mess 

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Regarding today's fatuous (that is to say, silly) letter from David Kuner [September 12] concerning Jonathan Rosenbaum's review of the September 11 movie [September 5].

It is interesting what is obvious to different people. It has become obvious to me that the actions of September 11 were an obvious message to the American people that we have been doing something wrong (in the eyes of others) for many decades. For a variety of reasons this government has intruded and interfered in the Middle East for much of the last century. Iran is a spectacular example of our uses of power for our own purposes and the result of doing so.

Obviously we did not learn from Iran. We are not learning from the events in Palestine. We throw crumbs to the Palestinians and $3 billion to Israel, and we expect to have our way. Obviously, with $3 billion dollars you do not need to outfit individuals with dynamite, you can drop bombs from planes. Somehow, dropping a bomb, like we do, is not terrorism. (Silly? Fatuous?)

It is so obvious that our outrageous acts of self-interest in the Middle East should result in today's huge dilemmas. We show no respect for the people of that area except for the Israelis. And we damn others for this horrendous situation that we have created. (Inane? Asinine?)

William Johnson

W. Palmer


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