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Self-Love Is the Answer 

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To the editors:

Concerning your printing of the political cartoon of Ms. Tillman [December 20], I say to the misguided marchers: WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

I am a beautiful African-American woman with full lips, wide eyes, short hair that is naturally styled (afro) and damn proud of it.

Why are you marching? Is it because this artist's imagination is accurate? I charge that we are prejudiced against ourselves. Ms. Tillman's features are closer to the cartoon than not and I think it is past time for us to own our own. Big lips, dark skin, spiral hair and all.

Anytime I've seen Dorothy without a hat, her hair has not been groomed. I personally believe she sports hats to conceal the fact that she has no relationship with a comb or brush.

Do we want to send the same message that mega-bucks Michael Jackson has done so well? Which is, (if you have the money to change your features) "it doesn't matter if you're black or white."

I submit that we add insult to injury when we march for the wrong reasons. We, as an entire race, have allowed ourselves to become prejudiced against ourselves. We must take a stand to embrace our features and love them. Without them, I believe the face on the cartoon would have to have been blank.

Get off the pavement and get with the program.

Self love is the answer!




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