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Secret Identity 

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To the editor:

Recently the Chicago Reader ran a story about a local enigmatic stone ["The Riddle of the Rock" by Jeff Huebner, January 4] and featured comments by "Frank Joseph," an author, public speaker, and editor of The Ancient American magazine. "Joseph" is the pseudonym of Frank Collin, the half-Jewish ex-neo-Nazi and convicted child abuser, who achieved infamy for, among other things, threatening to march in Skokie.

Those who work with "Joseph" (his publishers, radio talk-show hosts, and others) know of his true identity and horrible past but claim he's a changed man. Today "Joseph" deals with such fantastic topics as Atlantis and UFOs and specializes in a revisionist history which seeks to minimize the accomplishments of Native Americans and argues for a significant influence by Europeans and other Old World people before Columbus. It's one thing for crackpots to overlook Collin's past because his interests coincide with their own, and another for the Chicago Reader to use this sicko as an authority. It's a shame his homecoming wasn't better publicized.

Richard Flavin

Salem, Massachusetts

Jeff Huebner replies:

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. As for Joseph/Collin's minimizing the accomplishments of Native Americans, well, that may be the case--most others in my story do the same. Yet I've also read articles in Joseph/Collin's magazine that promote the significant contributions of ancient Indians. While I find his past indefensible, I can defend his right to espouse ideas about North American prehistory, as unpopular and far-fetched as they may be. I didn't take him to be any more or less of an authority than the many other sources I quoted.


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