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Rubbed the Wrong Way 

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To the editor:

Recently one of my dear friends has informed me of your change in policy regarding the acceptance of massage-service classified advertisements. According to your new policy, all massage advertisers must hold a city license to advertise in the new health-and-wellness section. My friend, who is fully certified by the Chicago School of Massage, has been advertising in good faith in the Reader for 25 years, and now, according to this new policy, she would be relegated to advertising at three times the rate in a section (adult services) that features nothing more than glorified prostitution. At first it would seem that your paper is attempting to do a service to its readers by verifying whether an advertiser is licensed, but in reality, the fact that you would still allow the unlicensed advertiser to advertise in another section, and at exorbitant rates, shows that in fact all you are serving is the need for the city of Chicago to fill its coffers by attempting to coerce people who are already trained and certified in legitimate massage therapy to pay several hundred dollars for a meaningless piece of paper. The Reader has always stood to defend the little people against overbearing government, so it is all the more shocking that the same publication would resort to running a blatant advertisement for the city and its greedy policy. I don't expect that anything will change because of one letter, but at least you will know that some people realize that the Reader does not always defend the little people.

Joseph Wolff

Northwest side


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