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Roosevelt vs. Von Steuben 

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To the editors:

As a 1948 graduate of Von Steuben High School, I read with interest and some sentiment your February 7 article on our contemporary rival, Roosevelt High School. However, I must question the references to Von Steuben in the article. As a perhaps naive WASP who grew up in Albany Park (on Monticello, a block and a half north of Lawrence), I would like to know where all those "big houses north of Lawrence" were. Maybe in Hollywood Park or North Park, but not in Albany Park, the principal feeder to Von Steuben. Also, I never knew those "rich kids, the sons and daughters of doctors and lawyers [who] attended Von Steuben." On the other hand, I do know that Roosevelt was so commodious we had to have our graduation there. In any event, I do congratulate Roosevelt on winning the City basketball championship in 1952, 14 years after Von Steuben.

Bruce McWhirter


Ben Joravsky replies:

I don't need to get in the middle of an old high school feud, but my Roosevelt sources stand by their story: the neighborhood's rich kids went to Von Steuben.

Still, there's something admirable about ancient rivalries. To keep everyone up-to-date, I should report that on consecutive days last month Roosevelt's girls' and boys' basketball teams beat their Von Steuben rivals. Apparently some things never die.


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