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Dear Reader,

It was with great annoyance, and little amusement, that I read Bill Wyman's latest volley in the continuing juvenile pissing contest between himself and Rick Telander ("Bad Sports II," Hitsville, June 24). Shame Bill's tongue, fat with promise. Telander's piece on Kurt Cobain's death was pretentious and misguided; Wyman's initial response [Hitsville, May 20] was based on a misinterpretation of Telander's point and appeared strangely defensive. The attempted chastising of Telander in last week's O.J.-based missive was nothing more than unnecessary one-upsmanship. I read Hitsville every week to learn interesting things about the national and local music scene, not to read grown men quarrel like a couple of children on a playground. Since Telander has already been awarded one, Hitsville should give itself a Quincy and move on.

Brian Beck



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