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Rock Stinks, Part 2 

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To the editors:

I wholly concur with Art Naebig's letter [October 18] concerning Rock music and I find his imagery to be particularly apposite. It so happens, however, that in our post-Watergate era many ideals of the mid-century counterculture have found widespread acceptance in some form or another. Rock music, previously execrated for the wrong (not intrinsically musical) reasons, has been among the chief beneficiaries of this cultural shift of values.

Rock music has become so firmly entrenched in contemporary taste and consciousness that it is the only music to which many listeners can favorably respond. Various publications which originally concentrated primarily on real music now showcase Rock 'n' Roll. One magazine, Stereophile, has begun to allow two of its Rock critics to review Classical music, with predictably farcical results. For quite some time one of the Rock 'n' Rollers would regularly insist on hearing instruments in Mahler's music which the composer had never scored. Upon being shown his error he responded with an incoherent note which seemed to attempt to draw some relation between Eddie Van Halen and Gustav Mahler.

Michael Wayne

N. Overhill


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