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Re: “Bradley Cooper is number one with a bullet in American Sniper

In response to Peter Byrne:

1: Let's assume that Kyle's autobiography is sensationalist. Then what would you call the article from the London Guardian (that you referenced earlier) in which they take snippets from his book completely out of context and present them as fact? I would call it poorly researched slander, an incredibly biased piece of tabloid journalism.

2: I'm not saying that Americans committed no atrocities in Iraq. It was a war, in which atrocities abound. However, I'm saying that Chris Kyle committed none. Though he was witness to atrosities committed by Iraqi insurgents against his fellow Americans, and Iraqi citizens. Kyle followed very stringent rules of engagement, while the people he was fighting not only killed Americans, but also killed their own countrymen. (And as far as creating a generation of crippled children in Fallujah, the civilians in the city were evacuated long before white phosphorus was used. The few that remained were unfortunate casualties that were well aware of the dangers).

3: Iraq was already a bad environment, regardless of what became of it during the war. While Saddam was in power he gassed Halabja, killing 5,000 Kurd's, maiming 10,000 more, mainly civilians. To this day it is still the largest chemical attack on a civilian based population. He used attacks like this to keep the Shi'ite majority submissive to a Sunni leader. This is just one of the many horrible events that occured in Iraq prior to any U.S. involvement. So yes, Chris Kyle was placed in an evil enviornment. (And yes, special forces were deployed in 133 nations last year, and the vast majority of those countries were being trained by our forces, or were countries that have United States military bases on their soil.)

4: What exactly are we "excusing" Chris Kyle from? Doing his job? Saving Americans and Iraqis, and ensuring that hundreds of other soldiers made it home to their families? Or justifiably killing enemy soldiers in a war zone? He never called himself a hero, and yes, he could have refused the role of Navy Seal sniper, and there would have been hundreds of U.S. families who would have lost husbands, sons and fathers.

5: Maybe you should spend more time admiring "genuine heroes" and less time tarnishing the reputation of an American veteran that you know nothing about. Read a book, not online tabloid journalism.

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Posted by RobertCraig on 01/22/2015 at 1:24 PM

Re: “Bradley Cooper is number one with a bullet in American Sniper

In reply to Barry Moore: I appreciate your comments on Kyle's humanity. What he was put through, any what he did, happened for better or worse. I also respect your opinion, although I believe it is based on sensationalist reporters taking quotes from Kyle's autobiography out of context.

He was not a racist man, though he did hate and resent the people he was fighting because of the evil he saw them do. He was also not proud of killing men, but proud of saving the men they would have killed had he not pulled the trigger. He also didn't denigrate his enemies humanity, the Iraqi insurgents he fought committed horrible atrocities, thus degrading their own humanity. As for his alleged involvement in hurricane katrina, I have not read any credible articles on the subject. (I also feel that Jesse Ventura's slander case may have ended differently had kyle been alive to defend himself).

Having said that I see that it was unfair for me to attack you when your opinions were based on what others had said (even if it was taken out of context). Below is a link to an article that provides full excerpts from Kyle's book, and shows how many of his statements have been twisted to make him seem like an evil person. Its a well researched article that shows many things that have been taken out of context. He was a good man placed in an evil enviornment. If he were alive, he would be the first to admit that he is flawed, as we all are.

Note: this is a link to a mobile version of this article, so it may be difficult to view from a computer.

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Posted by RobertCraig on 01/21/2015 at 9:14 PM

Re: “Bradley Cooper is number one with a bullet in American Sniper

Its obvious that J. R. Jones has not only not read Chris Kyle's autobiography, but it seems likely that he may not have even seen the movie! " American Sniper, the only bad this about war is having to come home from it." This movie is a far cry from making war seem glamorous. It absolutely shows the hellishness and helplessness of being in a battle. I agree that not everyone has to like this movie, but to badmouth it for reasons that don't make any sense is unacceptable. And as for some of the negative comments, perhaps you should get your facts checked before opening your mouth. Barry Moore admits to not seeing the movie, yet still feels the need to judge Chris Kyle? Yes, the Iraqi's were trying to protect their God, Country and Family, as was Kyle. The difference is that Kyle did it while obeying the rules of engagement, and the insurgents did it by beheading anyone who was against them (regardless of what they had done) and by putting their children directly in harms way. In my mind that shows that Chris kyle was noblely doing his job, and the people at the business end of his scope were heartless, fanatic cowards. See the movie or not, its your choice. Just realize that even if you are commenting on a character in a movie, that a real man faced those terrors, and you should be decent enough to show some modicome of respect.

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Posted by RobertCraig on 01/21/2015 at 11:11 AM

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