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Re: “And Did David Cassidy Do Elgin Dirty?

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14. Do not argue with a troll — it means that they win.

Translation, Carno is a troll

Posted by robbthefrog on 09/04/2010 at 3:43 PM

Re: “And Did David Cassidy Do Elgin Dirty?

So, @dafan @dccc @UK David Fan and @brenda lee and the thousands I've missed, unfortunately, I've never been able to see David, but what were some of the highlights from when you've seen him?

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Posted by robbthefrog on 08/02/2010 at 10:15 PM

Re: “And Did David Cassidy Do Elgin Dirty?

@ carno, please be patient as I know you're on the edge of your seat to read this, but your message comes later.

@carno, ps, please don't start bad mouthing me on blogs just because I'm making you wait or something stupid like that, or claiming yourself a fan of me or that you know all about me.

I urge any DC fans out there not to comment any further on anything Carno says.

Sadly, this pathetic person known only as Carno gets off on upsetting DC's fans.

Carno is so ignorant and thick headed, no matter what we say Carno will argue the same repetitive tripe over.

He/She has not read either of the books, only read reviews on-line, and only read the negative.

Please continue to feel free to write about David, heck even critique the guy, but ignore Carno at all costs. Treat Carno as if he/she doesn't exist.

@ carno you spelt "a lot" wrong, "alot" is not a word. You don't reherse your entries. What is the matter? Are you drunk?

I'm currently going for a degree in English, with 5 years of University and if I ever handed in a paper that was even close to what you've written each time, I would fail. Your arguements are the same ones. Your proof for your arguements, either are the very same argument you're arguing (that's called "begging the question") or they are opinion rather than fact. These opinions half the time are not even your own, but others; you are plagiarizing. Also you said that there close to one hundred negative comments. That is hardly the case. There are fifty three negaitve, thirty positive and fifty six redundant or neutral comments. Furthermore, seven of the negative comments are yours, so I'll give you like two, maybe. I'm being generous here since you always state the same things, or you resort to attacking his fans.

As well, you have not answered people's questions. And just to set the record straight, you are not hurting David Cassidy financially. How is that? What you are doing, is bringing the strength of his fans together. Any other haters have stopped once they voiced their opinion, but you just keep going. It's sad really. You're a seven year old bully who has never grown up; you hide behind a computer so no one can see your flaws, but with how much you direct negative at someone who is loved around the world (an obviously makes you jealous) you appear to have a lot [yes, "a lot" (for the record, that's "a lot")].

To end, you've said that David Cassidy belittles his fans, but I must disagree, for whatever he has done to you, you're obviously not his fan. I know you won't get the british dry humour, but I can't resist the similitude, so to quote Jimmy Carr, "I'm not being condescending, I'm too busy thinking about far more important things you wouldn't understand."

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Posted by robbthefrog on 07/30/2010 at 12:45 AM

Re: “And Did David Cassidy Do Elgin Dirty?


I tried to be nice, but I cannot tollerate assholes like you.

So when you went to a Billy Idol concert you weren’t even a fan? You go to David Cassidy and seem to be anything but a fan. Why do you go to concerts if you don’t care about the performer like others do? I’ve gone to concerts with my fiancée that I didn’t care about, but I don’t critisize everything about the performances.

You speak of the middle aged groupies, I must ask, what does a groupie dress like? If I wear a blink-182 shirt I bought when I go to see them, am I a groupie? If you are suggesting I am, you are sadly mistaken, I am a fan. Groupie is in your head, it is about sex, and no amount of dressing or lack there of, can define a groupie.

You ask why do these fan dress like this. I would argue, that it is to relive their youth. They are going back, role-playing to a time when they were young. Don’t say it is immature, because everyone role-plays, just as you are now; you were role-playing that you a journalist, and now that you are a supreme human being above David Cassidy and and his fans, you are belittling the fans in order to make yourself feel good. You are no better than me, David or anyone else, just as I am no better than you and neither is David. And you even have the nerve to complain that David belittle his fans, ironic isn’t it?

You argue that David does not rehearse, neither does blink-182, so one can only assume that not every performer rehearses.

Why do you bother with him if you argue, “[m]ost mature concert goers would have left this guy in the dust a long time ago.” Practise what you preech please.

“Why give money to someone who treats their fans like crap?” Why give your time to, what you would consider, ignorant people like me and his other fans?

“People just chalk it up to a bad day. Seems like he has a lot of bad days.” I would have to argue he has; whether it’s seeking pity or not, you’ve read his books and seen his movie (I can only assume since you reference them, and if you don’t then why are you pretending to know these things from his book and movie) and no matter what, he must feel like he has had a lot of bad days if he puts them in there.

David went ‘almost’ bankrupt and that was due to underhanded so-called friends who financed his money and a relationship that went wrong which he left because of her. One cannot control a relationship, any marriage counsillor will tell you that a relationship can grow apart, yes sometimes the couple can attempt to regain what they had, but other times divorce is the best option. You claim, “[b]ut such is life”; yes, sometimes life sucks.

“I am interested in this topic because, like you, I don't understand how people can't separate reality from idolization.” Some people can’t separate it; it’s a problem, but it’s not David’s problem his fans idolize him. David has stated “I never liked being considered a demi-god.” He refuses to even say he is a God, even when others say he is, he refuses to think they would consider him higher than half of God.

Now, getting back to his fans, perhaps some of them enjoy being lost in the euphoria of surealism.
“David made a bad 'made for TV' movie”. Can you please inform me of a good ‘made for TV’ movie? You say it’s no surprise he made a movie about his life. I’m sorry, but by your logic no autobiography book should ever be read; people write about themselves, some in print, others in film, accept it, you have no argument here.

You state that David exaggerated the truth about Jack’s death; Titanic (film) had a love story that didn’t even exist. That is worse than embellishment, that is outright lying, but it’s a story based on truth. Weather you are Christian or not, Passion of the Christ (film) was greatly exaggerated from the Bible and even Gibson says so, but let’s face it, there are two things that sell in the entertainment business: sex and violence.

You claim that the fire was small, but according to photos of Jack Cassidy’s place of death, it seems pretty huge; if it engulfed a room, to me, it is huge; a small fire is in a waste basket. I guess it’s all relative, but can you find a little compassion in that stone cold heart of yours? It may have taken less than 15 minutes to put out the fire, but it took a while to prove it was Jack Cassidy.

“Jack was in fact helping Shaun out with the Hardy Boys at the time and Jack died one month before it premiered and never got to see Shaun perform.” This has nothing to do with David, nothing to do with Elgin, why are you bringing it up? Are you trying to play on people’s sympathies. This is an emotional attack, now stick to your point.

“David was hardly around Jack during the last year and is no position to tell you much except to exaggerate the details.” Funny, cause you seem to think you have more details than him, I forgot that you watched Jack die. Jack and David were not on speaking terms, that would screw anyone up, having their father die and never saying bye. I also forgot that Bonaduce has the details because he was sitting with you watching Jack die.

Maybe David is manic-depressive, but are you a doctor? Don’t diagnose if you aren’t.

“Another interesting things, this guy had all the support of friends, fans and family. HE just keeps blowing it.” You claim he’s had ‘all’ the support? What about the friends who ripped him off and stole his money. What about the fans who ripped out his hair, took his ring and watch, those who swarmed him so he had to travel in the trunks of cars, or even the fans who stalked him? How about the family who never told him about the divorce of his parents allowing him to be called ‘Wartie’ by the other kids.

How many more chances? In my world, in his fans worlds? As many as it takes. That is what nice people do, they forgive.

These forces you speak of, well, let me address Marty first. Why in the world would the husband of an ex-wife ever, ever need to care about the man who divorced his wife? Please, let me know why, I’m just dying to know. Next, David, the man who cannot purchase the star so fans want David to donate his stuff. Please, the man has possibly actually had his hair sold. You are begging the question. You argue that David is in an illusion of granduer, I believe you said, but you want the man to give in to the idolization of himself? Get yourself together, quit condoning the man on one thing and then condoing him on the exact opposite.

Now, I am one of those others, I don’t do any work for Jack’s Star, but I’m not against it, please tell me what you’ve done for his star, otherwise you have just criticized yourself.

“Strange how David all of a sudden likes Danny again after her finds out the power of Danny's radio show in Philadelphia.” Danny screwed up, David ceased communication as did Danny. This spring they met with Suzanne Crough and Brian Foster in a Partridge Family reunuion on the NBC Today Show. If he felt that the show held him back, then he doesn’t feel it so much now. He at least showed up, Susan didn’t (Dave cannot fly so that is understandable and Shirely was out of country and sent her apologies with David).

No, David has been in his daughter Katie’s life since she was 12. Before that her mother did not want him around her. If anyone is claiming someone’s fame, it’s Katie’s mother, taking Katie’s father’s name.
And I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that, just that by your logic, it would be.
Ruby and the Rockits is not an unsucesssful show, it was the second highest priemere viewed ever losing to Ten Things I Hate About You which would have reminded people of Heath Ledger being the the film with the same name. Also, every story is based on truth. You might recall a band known as the Cowsills that were the inspiration to the Partridge Family.

Jack also helped David by taking him to his tailor, purchasing David a suit, and then once all was paid for, told David how he would pay his father back for the expenses in payments. This was when David was 18 and starting out on his own. David asked his dad to take him to purchase a suit from a newspaper ad, which David would have been able to afford, but Jack persuaded him and took David to said tailor.

“Phillip Burton (mentor to RIchard Burton whose Name Richard took)”. Why is that relivant? Also, ‘name’ should not be capitalized.

You state Jack, “gave David his high level agent.” Is that the same one who allowed David sign a contract while he was underage? Yes, great agent.

“I don't agree with the cookie analogy.” No, you wouldn’t would you? Have you been on stage before? Take it from people who have, it’s different each time you do it. I dance; half the time I improvise, I go with the crowd. I know where my spots (the ‘oooh’ moves) are and what moves I want to use, but I fill in a lot of the rest. This is what pro-wrestlers do, they make it up as they go, but know certain things they want to pull off, they are not athletes, but entertainers, performers, on some of the biggest stages of all, for the biggest crowds of people and they need to react to the fans, never doing the same match twice, but competing against the same wrestlers several times, just like David and his venues. It’s a show.

“David does not rehearse or does sound checks. He is abusive to his fans. David's casino shows are short. David then goes on to complain about his guitar being out of tune and the sound systems not being right.” You’ve already argued that David does not rehearse, stop repeating yourself. Also, he pays people to tune his instruments. Like your question, why waste money on crap, why pay for crap work?

“Been there done that.” Where have you been, what have you done? Have you performed and yelled at your guitar technition?

“People walk out of his longer concerts”, and you wonder why he gets beligerant at the audience. You try to give something and people don’t aprechiate it, what would you do?

“ere is David messing up in concert.” ‘H’ere is you messing up on this post, you forgot to capitalize and even spell here correctly.

Don’t curse Lennon’s song. Are you John, Yoko, Julian or Sean? Then don’t speak for Lennon. I understand you said you bet, but I belive your odds are very low, seeing as how Lennon was one of the most peaceful humans on the Earth.

“Same song and he is still struggling to get through it.” Can you do any better? If so, why don’t you have a record deal?

What makes his books stupid? I did not know books could have intelligence. If you feel it is a stupid book, that is your opinion, and you should stick to facts.

“I wish his father was alive to slap him.” Let the deceased rest peacfully; in my opinion you have discgraced the memories of John Lennon and Jack Cassidy in what you’ve said about them or in how you’ve used them to attack David, two people who meant the world to David.

My post is how the world should work, but with people like you, that is not the case, so don’t you dare find it cute and then say it doesn’t work like that, you are being very two-faced.

David does say sorry, several times. Get over it.

“This guy never matured,” and you’re one to talk.

“It is obvious he has enablers that support his behavior. He was sick, He is only human blah, blah, blah.” Quit being so ignorant. Why must you attack everyone else?

If there are more higher quality people, then why don’t you waste your time withthem rather than wasting it with David?

Now, you speak of how David does not rehearse or practise; well you have no argument since neither do you. David at least admits his mistakes. Your grammer is atroscious, so I will critique any mistakes you have made to point out your flaws.

“Middle age women, some who are professional by day, dressed like groupies.” In your post to maddowfan is not a sentence, but a sentence fragment.

“But such is life.” This statement is also a sentence fragement.

“David thinks the Partridge Family help him back and he could have gone to better work without it. No guarantee of that.” Did you mean to say ‘held?’

“How many more chances will people give him” has no punctuation, you need a question mark (?).

“Strange how David all of a sudden likes Danny again after her finds out the power of Danny's radio show in Philadelphia.” You mean ‘he’ not ‘her.’

“BY the way.” This is also a sentence fragment.

“All the say is get a life.” I don’t even understand this statement.

“BY the way,” the ‘by’ does not need to be in block capitals.

“He was sick, He is only human blah, blah, blah.” This should be in quotes, and the second ‘he’ uncaptialized.

“[T]his guy feel him feel it financially”, this doesn’t make sense either.

Why are you so hateful? Did you idolize David as a teen and he never married you? I see no reason for you to attack the man and his fans so much like you do unless you have a personal vendetta against him. So, in conclusion, shut up, calm down and be a nice person, you ignorant, repugnant human being.

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Posted by robbthefrog on 07/26/2010 at 1:13 PM

Re: “And Did David Cassidy Do Elgin Dirty?

here, you seem to like proofs

Posted by robbthefrog on 07/25/2010 at 10:55 AM

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