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Rich Crybabies 

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To the editor:

Those guys protesting the city's decision to raise fees at the public tennis courts at Waveland and to bring in a private firm to manage the courts [Neighborhood News, June 23]--is it possible to imagine a bigger bunch of rich crybabies? I can't. They live on Lake Shore Drive, and they're complaining about paying an extra $10 a year. I'm not kidding: ten bucks. I don't buy their arguments, either. User fees for public lands and resources make good sense and have been around for decades. Same with corporate sponsorships of art exhibits, concerts and other cultural/recreation activities. Hell, even the mile markers in Lincoln Park's jogging course are sponsored by some company or other. As to the city's earmarking the extra money to maintain court facilities in poor neighborhoods, well, even these guys couldn't come up with a way to rationalize away that one.

These people had a good deal for a long time, and they're mad because the rest of us are finally on to them. Well, that's life. Things change. If you want an issue to organize around, how about the deplorable condition of the city's schools, or the fact that people are afraid to go out at night in their own neighborhoods, or that fewer and fewer Americans feel they have a responsibility to anyone else anymore?

Bill Sherman



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