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Remedial Teaching 

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To the editors:

Why, oh why didn't teachers like Celia Oyler (letter of July 7) exist during my school years of the 50's & 60's. As I thought back, not one "teacher" left a memorable impression for having a certain creative or innovative method of transferring their interpretation of the subject to me. Granted, class size would be looked at as exceeding this possibility but they never even tried anything new. The eager and open minds of the students was and is there, waiting for social inter-action and intellectual stimulation. Instead, what we, and the students of today are getting, is a stagnant, boring, repetitious curriculum, doled out by unorganized, inept and sometimes pathetic, off the wall eccentrics, that had and have the utter gall to pawn themselves off as "teachers."

It has recently been revealed that 586 million dollars of Illinois lottery profits are to be poured into the school fund. How about skimming some of that off to create a "learning center" for teachers of all grades headed by Celia Oyler. This would provide her with a forum to instill her thoughts and methods into the teachers formats of the future and the results could possibly turn this bureaucratic muck around, all for the sake of the untapped human minds aching to learn, express and produce. Isn't this the way it is supposed to be?

Marva Collins started it. Let Celia Oyler expand it. We will all benefit, believe me.

W. Savick

W. Melrose


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