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Reasons to be Fearful 

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In reference to your April 7th article about our aldermen carrying weapons, I found it interesting that a few gave the same reasons for carrying guns that law-abiding citizens have also given.

Thirty-fifth Ward alderman Vilma Colom stated, "As a single Hispanic female I have been in situations where if I didn't have a firearm in my home or in my car I could have been confronted with something I would not have been able to handle."

Sixteenth Ward alderman Shirley A. Coleman stated, "Being a single mother, I'm here at my office a lot alone. And unlike the mayor, we don't have 24-hour security. The right for firearms is an added insurance."

Twelfth Ward alderman Ray Frias says, "If you're gonna confront gangbangers you'd better be armed."

Twenty-seventh Ward alderman Walter Burnett Jr. stated, "I'm a God-fearing man and I don't believe in guns or carrying a gun." He then goes on to say, "Sometimes I think the aldermen should have the alternative [to carry a gun] if they want."

Mr. Burnett's statement says it the best, "Just because I don't believe in it, doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to do it." Nowadays too many lawmakers, both local and national, seem to think they can impose their beliefs on the rest of us. Private gun ownership should be a choice made by the individual, not by someone else. Their right to abstain from guns is no more important than my right to own one. And to the aldermen I say this--you don't have a corner on the market when it comes to dealing with gangbangers. If you think you do, then you are severely out of touch with your communities. Many law-abiding people confront crime more on a daily basis than you ever will. Your right to protecting your life, the lives of your families, and your property is no more important than that of any of your citizens trying to protect theirs.

Ray Haran



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