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As I'm walking down crowded Belmont Avenue from the el one sunny afternoon, an old lady is handing out pieces of paper that say God Loves You in large black letters. I reluctantly take one, and as I'm about to toss it on the ground and move on, a second lady comes up to me, her eyes tracing the movement of the first lady. She extends a large plastic bag filled with the fliers and says, "God also recycles."

--Timothy Beal

Witnessed in the toy department at the Venture on Pulaski near 44th: An exuberant small girl hugged a talking stuffed Barney doll and exclaimed, "Mommy! Mommy! Barney says he loves me!" The weary mother continued pushing her cart and responded without looking, "He don't really love you, he just be saying that."

--Erin Hundt


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