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Reader Story Too Short! 

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To the editors:

I read with great interest the recent article, December 3, 1993, by Jeffrey Felshman on "The Fall and Rise of Anita Brick." While in theory the article presented some very good points, it however, left the reader wanting more, more, more.

The woman was definitely hurt and traumatized by the event. Her loved ones also had to endure the long road to recovery, both emotionally and spiritually. The fight she undertook never really was fully fleshed out by Mr. Felshman.

Additionally, the reader wants to know by whose negligence was the accident. I'm not interested in the dollar amounts of any verdict, but in this litigious environment we live--just what became of anything regarding the "legality."

Mr. Felshman spent too much time ferreting out the Chicago Access Network angle and the show Ms. Brick codevelop, "No Matter What," that the reader has to revert back and forth to get a sense on where the article was leading.

I was no better off after I read the article than when I began. I wanted more, but feel shortchanged. Hopefully for Ms. Brick her final roadblocks have been removed and she is on the "positive" route to a successful recovery.

This is the first time I ever responded to you regarding an article; but I was never more moved by such an accident and the difficult road to recovery with all of life's many and varying obstacles.

Thank you for allowing me to comment.

Anthony Bruno

PS: Was. Mr. Felshman limited by a certain number of words he could write, the material too exhausted or lack thereof?. Inquiring minds would like to know.

Jeffrey Felshman replies:



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